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We repair box truck doors Wherever they are parked. 

We come to your location to deliver box truck door repair NC. Let's be honest, your first thought was a mechanic, then you did a quick search, and realized we are the experts in the field of box truck door repair and trailer ramp door repair. Let our rapid service get you back to work, and get your belongings secure. We have been providing enclosed trailer ramp door maintenance and box truck door maintenance for 7 years and counting. Give us a call and let us take a look, if there are any broken or damaged pieces we usually have them on hand. one word of caution- The springs used to assist in lifting the door or winding the cable connected to your trailer or box truck door can harness an immense amount of force similar to a garage door and we recommend you give us a quick call before attempting any of your own repair . Make one call and rest easy knowing that WeFixIt.


Give us a call and we'll send a technician to help repair your box truck door today.
(919) 301-9126

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