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Are you looking for an opportunity to own your own business? We’re seeking driven individuals who are passionate about controlling their destiny and providing great service. If that sounds like you, we’d love to have you be a part of the WeFixIt team!

We know the thought of branching out and starting your own business can be formidable. That is why we help you with every step of that process, from physically fixing a garage door to the organizational duties such as commission tracking and payroll. Our procedures which we've developed over the years are documented for seamless execution. We provide a stencil designed to help you, as a franchise, succeed in opening up your WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate.

As a franchisee, you’ll gain access to our training program and searchable documentation on how to run your business day to day. The best part about it is you don’t have to be a garage door tech with advanced experience or have any formal training in managing a business to open a WeFixIt franchise— our program ensures you’ll learn the ins and outs of the business, from repairing and installation services to general industry dealings.

This business provides a terrific opportunity for an individual, a couple, or a group of friends to build something that supports them, their families, and allows them to save money. Meanwhile, as a franchisee, you will have the opportunity to create the work environment you want, be your own boss, build something you can be proud of, and invest in your livelihood and future.

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Why choose a Wefixit franchise?

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 WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate is a garage repair and installation service company. We provide residential and commercial repairs and installation of anything relating to the mechanics of garage doors and automatic gates. The bulk of our business is service, repairs, and replacements of home garage door openers, springs, and related parts. Another way to look at it is that we get to be heroes, providing an essential service that few people know how to do: fixing garage doors and setting people free when they get stuck in their garages. Contact us today to learn why this industry is so enjoyable to work in, and so profitable!

  • Offer mobile franchise options with 100 hours of training. Training includes both classroom training and on-the-job training so that you can achieve a mastery level of garage door technician knowledge.

  • We have learned how to excel in this industry the hard way - you shouldn't have to!

  • As far as reaching customers, you will immediately benefit from the years it has taken us to grow a customer base.

  • We know how to become #1 in Google searches in your area and can flip a switch to bring customers to you through your website, social networks

  • We have tons of nationwide accounts from Home Warranty Companies to the biggest box stores in the world and we can add you to their list of vendors to bring you more business.

  • We will set you up for success, and support you along the way.

  • We are enjoyable to work with and value a positive work atmosphere that operates with integrity and joy!

  • There is little risk for a chance of great reward!

road to franchising

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